Learning in communities – easy or difficult?

Learning in communities is a broad concept. In PBL5 we started to discuss the terms collaboration, co-operation based on the scenario where there was mentioned that people have a weak idea of what collaboration is, and that we easily fall back in a traditional group-work model. We discussed the role of the learners and the teacher/facilitator/manager. Anderson (2008) says in the book “The theory and practice of online learning “ that teachers planning online courses need to notice the different learners attending the course and that these tasks include the design of learning activities encouraging independent study and community building.  Students on the other hand seems to need a “leader” to manage the discussion and to point out the direction. In the beginning of topic 3 there was a feeling of PBL5 lacking a leader to manage the discussion. On the other hand when using PBL as a method new topics usually starts with a flow with brainstorming around the topic.

Capdeferro and Romero found in their study that students involved in collaborative learning often get frustrated during the process. The most common reason for frustration was that students attended a collaborative learning course was not keen in the idea of group work and ended up holding fast to subjective individualistic perception of learning. Unshared goals and poor workload of some of the members in the group was other sources to frustration.

Collaborative learning is said to be a process, not necessary the goal but the process to reach the goal. To build knowledge together, and to share the knowledge with each other. Additionally to coordinate the work and to finally come to a conclusion of what to reach for. It was great to be part of our PBL5 group as we, after a first hesitant start we ended up in a great discussion where creative thoughts and knowledge flow along and ended up in a consensus of how to present item 3 Learning in communities. I feel that this was a great example of a process where most of the phases in good collaboration came trough. There might have been some frustration in between, but it all ended up in this great presentation with a joy symbolized by this picture.


Please, read more about the process here: https://annaonl171topic3.blogspot.se/2017/03/my-reflection-comes-from-thinking-how.html